Guidance: UK Supplied Seed

Guidance for marketing seed that has been supplied from other companies from within the UK

Anyone considering marketing seed of certified, conventionally-bred crop varieties in Scotland that are of a high risk category of containing adventitious GM presence are advised to:

  • Obtain from your UK seed suppliers, letters of assurance or details of analytical tests on individual batches or seedlots, that follow the GM Inspectorate Guidance for importers and producers on the prevention of adventitious GM presence in conventional varieties.

In Scotland, high risk category species are winter and spring oilseed rape, turnip fodder rape & related species, fodder maize & sweet corn.

This information will assist your company to meet your legal duties to ensure that you have taken steps to minimise the risk of adventitious GM presence in conventional seed. It will also help you in answering customers questions relating to adventitious GM presence.

Should you have any queries over these measures contact the Scottish Government GM Inspectorate.