Guidance: Test and Trial Seed

Guidance for marketing seed for tests and trials (scientific purposes and selection work)

It is a requirement under the Seed (Scotland) (Amendments for Tests and Trials etc.) Regulations 2007 (2007 No. 224) and Regulation 9 of the Beet Seed No.2. (Scotland) 2010 (2010 No. 148)  that authorisation is given by either the Scottish Government or another European Authority for seed to be marketed for the purposes of conducting tests or trials, including tests for scientific purposes and selection work.

Breeders or Merchants, Processors or Packers based in Scotland should apply for the authorisation to use seed for these purposes by contacting SASA either in writing to Seed Certification Branch, using GM Inspectorate email address or by telephoning Mike Parker (0131 244 8853).

For those species that have a high risk category of containing adventitious GM presence, the Scottish Government GM Inspectorate also recommends that you obtain a letter of assurance from the breeder of the variety giving assurances that the seed is free from adventitious GM presence or obtain details of analytical tests on individual seed batches or seedlots, that follow the GM Inspectorate Guidance for importers and producers on the prevention of adventitious GM presence in conventional varieties of the relevant crops.

Should you have any queries over these measures contact the GM Inspectorate.