Guidance: Imported Seed

Guidance for marketing seed of a high risk category of containing adventitious GM material that has been imported directly into the Scotland from out with the UK

Seed importers that have made a seed declaration on the Scottish Government GM Inspectorate’s Seed Monitoring form are advised to:

  • Obtain a letter of assurance from the breeder giving assurances that the seed is free from adventitious GM presence; or
  • Obtain details of analytical tests on individual seed batches or seedlots. SASA also provides a GM testing service

These measures should follow the GM Inspectorate Guidance for importers and producers on the prevention of adventitious GM presence in conventional varieties of the relevant crops.

It is the role of the Scottish Government GM Inspectorate to audit seed importers to ensure appropriate steps (due diligence) have been taken and that appropriate documentation is available. We will contact import companies and will request access to the following information:

  • The species of the seed
  • The variety of seed
  • The field or lot reference number of the seed
  • The certification category of the seed
  • The country where the seed was produced
  • The weight of seed being imported
  • A letter of assurance or results of analytical tests as described above.

Should you have any queries over these measures contact the GM Inspectorate.