Cereals Certification

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Crop Certification Schemes exist to protect farmers buying the seed, to ensure that the product they receive meets certain quality standards. The current UK Cereal Scheme incorporates several quality control mechanisms, including official testing to ensure that the seed meets prescribed standards for germination, freedom from weeds, and varietal identity and purity. 

SASA is the Certifying Authority for Scotland, and cereal seed certification in Scotland is managed by the Cereals Section and other species, such as grasses and oil seeds by the Herbage and Vegetable Section.

The EU requires that all cereal seed that is marketed for growing as crops must meet the standards in Directive 66/402/EEC. This in turn is incorporated into UK (and now Scottish) law through the Cereal Seed (Scotland) Regulations (see the Office of Public Sector Information OPSI).  Please see the following:

  • The Cereal Seed (Scotland) Regulation 2005 SI No. 2005
  • The Cereal Seed (Scotland) and Fodder Plant Seed (Scotland) (Amendment) Regulation 2006 SSI No. 448
  • The Seeds (Scotland) (Amendments for Tests and Trials Etc.) Regulations 2007 SSI No. 224
  • The Seed (Registration, Licensing and Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 SSI No. 313

There are electronic copies of some of the Forms that are required for the certification process, together with guidance notes for their completion. Paper copies can be obtained from seeds@sasa.gov.scot, and should be returned to:

    Cereal Certification
    Roddinglaw Road
    EH12 9FJ

Information on weight certified and areas approved, are available at Facts & Figures.

View a selection of recent Seed Certification Letters or check out the Fees, Forms & Guidance section. These contain general guidance, information and advice on a number of certification topics. New Seed Certification Letters will be published on this site as they are issued.  You can also access the Public Register and Scottish General Licences.

View a summary of the of Enforcement and Certification Control samples 2016/17

View a summary of the results of the 2016 Seed Certification / MySEEDS survey.

For further information on seed certification, please contact Gerry Hall  for cereals or George Campbell for non-cereal species at seeds@sasa.gov.scot.

Training courses for certification include crop inspections and sampling - contact seeds@sasa.gov.scot for more information. 

For information on seed testing, please visit the section on the Official Seed Testing Station (OSTS) or contact seedtesting@sasa.gov.scot

There are separate Authorities responsible for the certification process in England, Wales DEFRA and Northern Ireland.