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Campbell, S., and G. Hartley. Hedgehog interactions with the Goodnature A24 trap. Edinburgh: Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture, 2018.PDF icon Hedgehog interactions with the Goodnature A24 trap (1.23 MB)
Henriques, D, K A. Browne, M W. Barnett, M Parejo, P Kryger, T C. Freeman, I Muñoz, L Garnery, F. Highet, J S. Jonhston et al. "High sample throughput genotyping for estimating C-lineage introgression in the dark honeybee: An accurate and cost-effective SNP-based tool." Scientific Reports 8 (2018).
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Reid, A., F. F. Evans, V. Mulholland, Y. Cole, and J. Pickup. "High-Throughput Diagnosis of Potato Cyst Nematodes in Soil Samples." In Plant Pathology : Techniques and Protocols, 137-148. New York: Springer, 2015.
Nisbet, C., S. Goodfellow, W. Monger, S. Ross, and C. J. Jeffries. "HG12: a new potyvirus infecting potatoes." In Proceedings of the 15th Triennial meeting of the virology section of the European Association of Potato Research, Antalya Turkey May 28-31 2013., 2013.PDF icon HG12: a new potyvirus infecting potatoes (176.16 KB)
Nowara, D., A. Gay, C. Lacomme, J. Shaw, C. Ridout, D. Douchkov, G. Hensel, J. Kumlehn, and P. Schweizer. "HIGS: Host-Induced Gene Silencing in the obligate biotrophic fungal pathogen Blumeria graminis." The Plant Cell 22, no. 9 (2010): 3130-3141.
Mougeot, F., J. Martinez-Padilla, L. M. I. Webster, J. D. Blount, L. Perez-Rodriguez, and S. B. Piertney. "Honest sexual signalling mediated by parasite and testosterone effects on oxidative balance." Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 276, no. 1659 (2009): 1093-1100.
Scholten, M., N. Maxted, B. Ford-Lloyd, and N. Green. "Hebridean and Shetland oat (Avena strigosa Shreb.) and Shetland cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.) landraces: occurrence and conservation issues." Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter , no. 154 (2008): 1-5.
Carnegie, S. F., P. Haddon, and A. M. Cameron. "Healthy seed: sources of contamination." In Abstracts of the European Association for Potato Research, Pathology Section Meeting. Umeå, Sweden, 1998.
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