Validation of Next Generation Sequencing

          British Council-Peru


SASA is pleased to announce that they have been awarded:  a Science and Innovation Programme grant from the British Council-Peru  to “Validate next generation sequencing: a revolutionary method for testing nuclear potato stocks for virus freedom and safeguarding plant health in the international exchange of potato germplasm”

The Initial Institutional Collaborations programme  (Part of the Science and Innovation Programme) encourages the development of joint research projects between Peruvian and British institutions. For this 4 month project a multi-discipline consortium of SASA, the International potato Centre (CIP), The Agricultural University (UNALM) and the Peruvian Plant Heath Service (SENASA) has been formed,  bringing together regulatory plant virologists, researchers and potato specialists to validate and progress the use of next generation sequencing (NGS) into routine use for detecting potato viruses. NGS has the potential to detect all viruses (known, and as yet undiscovered) in a single assay, thus improving the detection of pests in potato nuclear stocks and germplasm exchanged internationally both pre-export and in post-entry quarantine. The collaboration will also strengthen information exchange to answer emerging questions linked to plant-virus and vector-virus trophic relationships, virus epidemiology and to the biological significance of newly identified viruses.  View the press release