Epidemiology and control of Dickeya on Scottish potatoes

This work encompasses three linked projects which started 01/04/2008 and are due to complete 30/06/2013.

Project collaborators: Fera, York, UK; James Hutton Institute, Dundee, UK; SASA

Funding from: Potato Council and the Contract Research Fund of the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Rural & Environment Research and Analysis

This work focuses on improving the understanding of the epidemiology of Dickeya dianthicola and ‘D. solani’ and identifying the risk of both these  pathogens establishing and spreading within the potato industry in Great Britain, with specific focus on Scotland’s seed potato industry. 

The projects will determine the spread of the pathogen from infected potato plants under controlled conditions and in commercial production, the role alternative hosts and irrigation may play and the survival of the pathogen in soil and in store.

Further details can be obtained from Gerry Saddler on 0131 244 8925 or by email.