Fertilisers EU Exit Guidance

last updated:  2/9/19 

Fertiliser Regulations and Brexit

The four UK administrations have been working together to ensure fertiliser regulations that will be converted into UK law in the event of a no deal remain operable and allow continued protection of human health and the environment, and stability for businesses and consumers.

The current EC label requirement will be replaced with a UK label requirement and conformity tests will be required to be carried out by UK labs.  There will be a two year transition period for fertilisers marketed in the UK under current EU regulations, that is, products sold as EC fertilisers can continue to be marketed in the UK with the same packaging for two years as long as they continue to comply with EU regulations.  We expect supply of fertilisers to remain consistent.

More information on the new UK fertiliser label, trading with the EU and EEA and ammonium nitrate imports can be found in a guidance note, prepared by Defra in consultation with the devolved administrations.