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SASA antibodies and ELISA reagents are produced under a quality system compliant to BS EN ISO 9001 2015. Accreditation to this standard was achieved in July 2001. All SASA antibodies have been extensively tested during development and all ELISA reagent sets can be supplied with Quality Control documentation.

SASA ELISA reagents, previously only available from our Scottish agent can now be purchased directly from us. Our comprehensive list of reagents for European and non-indigenous potato viruses is given below. Evaluation samples are available on request and special rates for bulk purchase may apply.

For all enquiries and to place an order contact:

Craig Douglas
Tel : +44 (0)131 244 8867

Orders are normally processed and dispatched on receipt of your request and we can usually arrange for next day delivery if this is required.

UK delivery by post is free of charge.

Courier charges are*

UK delivery £20.00
Europe £40.00
All other countries £50.00

*approximately depending on weights 


Our reagents are available in 1000 and 5000 unit pack sizes for coating and conjugated antibodies. To simplify ordering our reagents are grouped into our Regular and Specialist lists. 

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MSDS Antibody Reagents

Regular Products

Potato leafroll virus
Potato virus A
Potato virus M
Potato virus S 
Potato virus V
Potato virus X 
Potato virus Y o, c and n strains
Potato virus Y c strain
Potato virus Y o and c strains
Potato virus Y n strain

Coating antibody 1000 units = £85
Coating antibody 5000 units = £185

Conjugates 1000 units = £125
Conjugates 5000 units = £275

Specialist Products

Arracacha virus B - oca strain
Potato black ringspot virus including Tobacco ringspot virus - Calico strain
Potato latent virus (syn. Red la Soda virus)
Potato mop-top virus 
Potato virus T 

Coating antibody 1000 units = £125
Coating antibody 5000 units = £385

Conjugates 1000 units = £185
Conjugates 5000 units = £495

We maintain links with other agricultural institutes and many of our antibodies have been validated in a number of locations globally. All of our antibodies for the detection of Andean viruses have been tested at the International Potato Centre (CIP), Lima, Peru.

New products are always under development.

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