Gillian Musgrove

Seed Testing/Quality Manager

Telephone Number
+44(0)131 244 8851


Areas of expertise

  • All areas of seed quality testing
  • Method development germination, tetrazolium and vigour. 
  • Quality management

Representational Duties

  • ISTA Germination Committee
  • ISTA Vigour Committee
  • ISTA Proficiency Test Committee
  • British Association of Seed Analysts (BASA)


  • I joined SASA in 1992 as a Seed Analyst in the Official Seed testing Station for Scotland (OSTS) having trained as a Seed Analyst at SAI.  I have BSc. Life Sciences and have remained within OSTS having held the post of Senior Seed Analyst: Germination and Tetrazolium, followed by Seed Technologist and since 2009 Seed Testing Manager/Quality Manager.
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