Dr Triona Davey

Acting Head of Potato Branch

Telephone Number
+44(0)131 244 6344

Dr Triona Davey


Research interests/Areas of expertise

  • Epidemiology and control of potato mop-top virus (PMTV)
  • Seed potato certification and exports
  • International and EU representation
  • Phytosanitary requirements for importing countries
  • International trade negotiations for new markets


  • I completed a Potato Council funded PhD on the epidemiology and control of Potato mop-top virus
  • I joined SASA in 2010 as the Virology Laboratory Manager and moved to the SPCS Technical Manager role in the Potato Section in 2012
  • Prior to my role as the acting Head of the Potato Section, I was the Export Liaison Officer for Scotland; liaising with the authorities in new and existing non-EU markets and promoting the high health status of Scottish seed potatoes 
  • I worked at SAC (now SRUC) as an Applied Potato Pathologist prior to joining SASA in 2010.