Dr John Kerr

Senior Management Team
Head of Agricultural Science Delivery

Telephone Number
+44(0)131 244 8945


Research interests/Areas of expertise

  • Certification and industry support. I have a particular focus on maintaining appropriate official controls to ensure that government controls and enforcement activities in place to protect Scotland’s farming industry remain proportionate and robust in a changing environment.
  • International promotion and standard setting. I attend UNECE meetings ensuring that the UK has a voice in international standard setting. We work to ensure Scotland is known throughout the world for quality seed production.


  • I have a PhD in Environmental Chemistry from Glasgow University where I studied the use of novel crops for phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated land.
  • I joined SASA in 2000 as a pesticide usage surveyor and went on to work within the GM inspectorate during the period of the Farm Scale GM evaluation trials in Scotland. Prior to joining the management team was Head of Potato section.