SASA is strategically placed to conduct applied R&D on Scottish crops and the pest and pathogens which affect them. Research is conducted either in-house or, more usually in collaboration with colleagues at James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Fera, York or other institutes across the UK, Europe and beyond.


SASA has a dedicated team of bacteriologists providing a range of services and conducting research and development projects on a wide range of bacterial plant pathogens.

Most of the Bacteriology Unit's work is focused on bacterial pathogens of potato, though pathogens of strawberry are also covered.

Buffer Recipes


Prepare coating antibody (MAb) in coating buffer at recommended dilution and dispense (200 µL) into wells of an ELISA plate.

Incubate 4hrs at 37oC.

Wash plate x4 with wash buffer and blot dry.

Prepare sample by homogenising plant material in extraction buffer 1/10 (w/v) and dispense (200 µL) into test wells. Incubate overnight at 4oC.

Wash plate x4 with wash buffer and blot dry.

BSI Certificate

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SAPS Project


Science & Plants for Schools: ELISA kit


Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS) supports teachers, technicians and students learning plant science, from primary through to post-16. SAPS have a particular focus on innovative and reliable practical protocols for secondary biology.


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