Crop Inspectors

Cereal Crop Inspectors Course

The initial course, includes theory and practical sessions, and will last for 4 days. There is a 1-hour test after the completion of the course. 

The course will be limited to 12 participants in order that the full value of the practical demonstration and tuition may be obtained.

A further 2 days of practical work takes place in the Cereal Plots in late June/early July. On the first day there may be a 1-hour refresher on the main taxonomic characters if required. The final day will consist of a 2 hour plot test which will commence at 1030 hours. 

Variety Collections

Seed storage in the Deep Freeze Seed StoreIn order to satisfactorily perform DUS trials which, it will be recalled, are essentially a series of comparisons; a substantial collection of reference varieties must be assembled and held viable and ready to be incorporated into plots in the field.

New Varieties

Disease, pest and damage susceptibility ratings obtained during National List Trials for new varieties are available on the AHDB Potatoes' Potato Variety Database together with results from Independent Variety Trial tests. Additional information on these varieties may also be found on the European Cultivated Potato Database.

Varieties added to the UK National List in 2015


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