International Year of Plant Health 2020

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations have designated 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). IYPH is a tremendous opportunity to raise the profile of plant health on the global stage, highlighting the importance of healthy plants to a wide audience. The aim of IYPH is to raise awareness of how protecting plant health provides a multitude of benefits to us as humans and to our environment, biodiversity and economy. For this reason, the Scottish Government have included IYPH amongst our Programme for Government commitments.

Throughout 2020 Scottish Government will collaborate with the Plant Health Centre, other stakeholders and the UK Plant Heath Authorities  to:

  • Promote the benefits of healthy plants to Scotland and beyond
  • Increase awareness of the threat from plant pests and diseases from trade and travel globalisation.
  • Spread the biosecurity message, making people aware what good biosecurity looks like and what they can do to practice it.
  • Raise awareness of the activities that Scottish stakeholders do to protect Scotland’s plants.

In Scotland, we are planning a series of events and activities to raise the profile of plant health and biosecurity during IYPH.

IYPH activities

Bug hunts
Look out for our children’s trail activity at various sites across Scotland to raise awareness of plant pests & encourage a new generation of bug hunters.

Gardening Scotland Front Garden
We are working with SRUC Garden Design students to develop a plant health/ biosecurity themed front garden for the horticulture show Gardening Scotland.

Exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
We are developing an exhibition for the John Hope Gateway to mark IYPH and raise awareness of plant health and biosecurity.

Plus more still to come!  We will add further details of our events to this website in due course, or why not follow @plantchiefscot on Twitter to hear more about our IYPH plans.